Piedmont Poodles

Piedmont Poodles was founded by Barrie & Tony Drewitt-Barlow in 1987. Piedmont Poodles can be found in many of the well known pedigrees that have been successful in the show ring.

We do not breed litter after litter, sometimes, there are several years between litters. The aim of breeding is to produce something that we would be happy to show and breed from in the future. Making money from breeding a litter of pups is not what we are about at all, and we will not work with the breeders who are only interested in making money from their pups.

If you are interested in a pup from us, we would be honored to work with you to find the one that will be with you for the next 12 plus years! You having a Piedmont Poodle means we have a friend for life! Sometimes we might have a pet pup for sale, if you’re interested, please visit the available page and see what we have. If we do not have any litters at the time you are looking, we will know someone somewhere that will have a litter so get in touch and let’s see if we can help you. Word of mouth is the best way to find a pup!

After much success with Multi Champion Del Zarzoso Rubio Con Gancho, we imported the now well known American Dog, Ch Torchlight Attention to Detail at Piedmont, (Travis) From Timmy Brazier in Seattle, who is behind some of the best dogs in the ring right now, in both the USA and Europe, via his son, Champion Piedmont How About That, Michael, owned by another great kennel, Lorena Merati at Samarcanda Kennel Italy.

Michael was used by several breeders, including Carlos at Del Zarzoso, on his bitch Ch Del Zarzosa Soy Yo of Panizzi, that breeding produced Ch Del Zarzoso Voce Abusou, who was mated to Ch./Am. Ch. Afterglow Sugar Daddy, that produced one of my all time favorite dogs, Ch Del Zarzosa Salvame from Afterglow.

He was later mated to the beautiful Ch Topcatana Sugar Cube Afterglow, producing another amazing show dog, Ch./Am. Ch. Afterglow Maverick Sabre. A list of amazingly dogs that have really brought the breed on.

Michael is also the Great Grandfather of Crufts supreme Ch Afterglow Maverick Sabre one of the most fantastic standard poodles ever bred by a UK breeder.

Also another influential son of Travis, was Champion Piedmont Don Michael for Highla owned by Ann Rawlinson. Another well know Piedmont Champion was, Ch Pamplona Tina Turner at Piedmont. Michaels Mother, who was from a fine line of well known champions from Europe.

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