Welcome to the home of Piedmont Poodles and Van Helsing Dalmatians.

piedmont poodles
piedmont poodles
piedmont poodles

Based in Tampa Florida USA, we have been involved in dogs most of our lives but started showing dogs 25 years ago. Our first poodle came to us in the form of a black Min from a breeder in Manchester UK in 1987 and we have had them ever since. We still have our home in Essex UK, and are breeding small litters from there also.

Over the years we bred and showed Toy and Standard poodles in black and white. We have had quite a few champions now, making up at total of 10 new champions in 2017 alome and Top Standard in the UK with two dogs, Multi Champion Del Zarzarso Rubio Con Gancho, who came to us from the amazing Spanish breeders, who need no introduction, Carlos and Juan in Madrid, and Multi-Champion Torchlight Attention To Detail at Piedmont, who came to us via Tim Brazier.

Our recent female champions have retired from the ring now and will be undertaking mother-duties. Starting with Champion Bar-None Piedmont Show Stopper, who has just had her first litter, by Champion Tarquin Huffish Piedmont Starboy, with the help of Chris Manelopoulos and his wife Rachel Corbin. “Roxy” has just given birth to a white litter of 5 boys and 3 girls. We are very excited with this litter and looking forward to seeing how the pups develop over the next few weeks.

Thank you for taking the time to look over our site. We are looking forward to meeting some of you at up-coming shows, but if you want any information, please do not hesitate to send an email.

American Australian Champion 2021

American & Australian Champion 2021